cARd: a Mixed Reality Approach for Total Immersive Analog Game Experience


In this paper, we explore the next generation of analog games (i.e., board and card games) experiences by combining a traditional analog game with mixed reality technology. First, we transfer an existing analog game into a virtual reality (VR) environment that enhanced the gameplay with an animated model, visual effects, and sound effects. Second, we implement a multi-player interaction to allow collaborative play in virtual environments even when players are isolated from each other physically. Third, we conduct an experiment to compare the VR environment with the original analog game. Finally, we showcase \textit{cARd}, the resulting collaborative mixed reality version of the game that combines the strength of the traditional analog game with VR by using both VR and augmented reality (AR) technology. This mixed reality approach aims to enhance the player experience while keeping the benefits of the traditional analog game, in particular manipulating tangible objects.

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