Spicy grocery store

Introduction of the game

This is the game I worked on during my intern in Moe Stone Game Studio. It’a business simulation game. The narrative of the game is about a father who loses his little girl. In the game, the player needs to play as the father, run the spicy grocery store while gain more money and clue to find his daughter. The game is available at the steam store https://store.steampowered.com/app/687650/

My thoughts about this game

This is the first professional project I worked on. I didn’t take part in the designing process of this game but I still learned a lot as a programmer. I think the most essential thing I learned from it is how to cooperate with other people in a game company. My work was mainly about fixing the bugs which reported by the testers and finish the tasks assigned by my manager. I learned to use Git to manage the code and version, and I also learned how to publish the games on different platforms like PC, Android. The difference between a professional project and student work is that in a professional project we should also take player’s devices into consideration. If the game can only run on your computer, it is not finished. We should implement the functions efficiently. The other thing I learned is that the game should be tested not only on the way you want your players to do. People are unpredictable and they might do anything to break the game, a professional project should be robust enough for everything.

The thing I enjoyed about this game was actually watching a game I participated in finally go published. It was a kind of nervous but also a pleasure for me to watching players to play this game and give their feedback.

  • Worked as a Unity3D Programmer in the Team
  • Implemented Interaction Functions including Buttons, Scene transferring and trigger interactions.
  • Helped Finishing the Beginner’s Guide Part
  • Playtesting and Fixing Bugs