If we had an additional 8 weeks, we may work more on player experience and the map and level design. Now we just have a simple game with basic requirements of a platformer game. We did not use lots of tiles in our game so the map looks a little bit monotonous. If we would have more time, we wanted to make a better design for the map and levels, such as add more tile images, e.g. water and tree, and may design more level choices. We will also improve the player’s game experience. For now, we do not have lots of time for the game experience design, so we may add more special machines or some little puzzles in the game for players. We will also improve the game experience more smooth. We will add more levels with more environments, such as underwater, and more different types of enemies in our game, to make the game looks better and more interesting. If we have time, we may also add some more special machines in the game for better game experience.
To achieve the goal, we will first spend around 2 weeks to design and make our map and levels and fix some bugs. Then we will spend around 4 weeks to think and add some more interesting special machines in our game. Also, at the same time, we will try to improve our tile and sprite editors to give them more features and become more friendly to users and test the game for a more smooth gaming experience. For the last two weeks, we will improve our UI and we will do playtests on the game to see if there are something else we need to improve or change. During this whole period, we may also improve our resource manager to make it a better one to save the loading time and resources. We will also try to find or draw better tiles and sprites for our game during the period.