On the Way Home

CLICK THE LINK TO TRY OUT THE GAME: http://yuxuanliu.net/onthewayhome


On the Way Home is a puzzle-solving and experimental game made by Unity3D. This game wants to tell players a story about going home. The mechanic of this game is using the letter to solve the puzzle and pass the level. All the music, sound effects and art in this game are made by ourselves.

My thoughts

As the only programmer in the team, I learned how important to structure the code to improve the efficiency of both the game itself and programming. Making good use of patterns like singleton can extremely save time and helps to keep the code clean and tidy. I also found it was pretty fun for attending such an event. Because the time is limited and we need to finish all the design, art, sound, programming in two days, all the members in my group are focusing on their own tasks and I found myself quite enjoy that kind of working environment. (DOWNLOAD THE GAME AT THE END OF THE PAGE)


My role

  • Taking Charge of the Programming Part of this Game
  • Game Mechanic Design