AR Jenga


This is an AR game simulating the game Jenga. It’s implemented Vuforia image target recognition and object target recognition.

My thoughts

This game was the final project of my AR&VR course. The reason I choose Jenga game as my AR project is that I think the feature of AR games is connected to real-world more tightly. So it will be more interesting to allow multiple people interaction in an AR game. So considering the time limit and it was a solo project I chose to make an AR Jenga. In the beginning, my idea was players can actually interact with the blocks with their finger, but it turned out to be too difficult to recognize human fingers so I just replace it with an object.

The most essential thing I learned from this project is that I got the idea of how to build an AR app including image reorganization, object reorganization and how the coordinates in a virtual world transmit to the real world, and I found it was amazing to see virtual objects appears in a real world. I think the AR Technic will be the future of the next generation of smartphone and computer, and the VR&AR games will gradually replace the traditional console and PC games. The current problem of AR&VR is that the price of those devices are not worth to the functions they offer and the controller is not unified( like mouse and keyboard). The games and applications now look fancy but not as useful and fun enough as they look like. However, I still believe that Mix Reality will be the next generation of electronic technology that changes the whole world (Like computer), and we won’t wait too long for that day.

  • Implemented Basic Physics and Forces in Unity
  • Implemented Vuforia Plugin to Identify the Image Target And Object Target
  • Scanned Object Target by Object Scanner Provided by Vuforia (A huge amount of work)🙂