Mr. Gulp


This is a group game project we made and this game is like Big fish eat small fish game. The player controls Mr.Gulp and try to eat the smaller one and avoid the bigger one. There are two modes in this game. The first one is survival mode, and the second one is time limited mode. In survival mode, players try to avoid been eaten and eat others to grow up. In the time-limited mode, there are no one bigger players and the food will refresh and players tried to eat more in a limit of time.

My thoughts

This is the very first game of me. I made this game with my roommates in our sophomore year. This game means a lot to me, it was the first time I tried to design and implement a game. We made this game from blank, build the whole game with Java Swing. It was not only a programming challenge for us but also offer us a great experience about the process of making a game. I learned that we should consider about the scale at the beginning, use playtesting to iteration the game and how to cooperate in a group.

I think the whole process went pretty well in this project, the people in our group were my roommates and we knew each other. We didn’t specifically assign the role in this project and we just discussed what we gonna do every week and everyone took a part of it. One unexpected situation happened in this project was that at the beginning we designed five special ability for the player but it turned out that the time only allowed us to finish one of them. That really alerted us about how important to always focus on the most basic stuff rather than going for a big plan. Anyway, I really enjoy the process of transferring a design to an actual game. It was pretty fun!

  • Worked as a Programmer & Game Designer in the team
  • Designed different level and players’ special skills
  • Developed the enemies’ algorithm for avoiding and chasing
  • Designed and implemented the enemy refreshing function