Experimental Digital Game


This is a little experimental game which mainly focuses on storytelling rather than gameplay, the mechanic is so simple that it is barely called a game but more like an intractable short story. The game narrative is about the growing up process of a little child.

My thoughts

In this game, we are trying to make something different. The time was kind of rash in this game so as the programming part I finish this game in two days. But this game also offered me valuable experience in experimental games. Personally speaking, I was not a fan of this kind of exploration game and I have never worked on a game like that. But I found another aspect of a game through this project that game can be realized as a kind of art! For a long time, I just focus on too much about fun gameplay, interesting mechanic but ignore the fact that games can also be a way to establish feeling and thoughts of designers. For this game, I think it would be better to design some mechanics to express the thoughts rather than just display them by the words. In the future, designing based on feeling can also be a good way to design new mechanic and dynamics in games.

For more information about this game please visit our blog: https://yuxuanliu.net/group-non-existing-digital-game-project/

  • In charge of all the Programming Part in this Game