Dead Robot Society


This is a board game about both cooperation and competition. It’s designed to be a four-player game for now and each player has a different role. Players should cooperate in gathering resources to finish the game before consuming all the food, but also they have their own winning condition that may require them to compete with each other. 

My thought

This project is the first board game I made but more importantly, it is the first game I went through a professional design process. We started with brainstorming and we made the very first prototype for playtesting and we iteration the game again and again based on the comments of playtesting. It was an amazing experience for me to find out people are actually like this game in our first playtesting. (Because when we are playtesting by ourselves, We thought it was extremely boring. In the beginning, it was purely resource gathering and because it was too boring we just added some random characters and this features suddenly made the game so fun) From that, I realized the significance of playtesting and listening to the people who didn’t take part in the design. For designers sometimes they can be trapped by their thoughts and ignore some details of the game because they think they know how to play this game. However, fresh people who didn’t participate in design might have their own way to play this game, they won’t always play like what you thought, and they will offer valuable advice as a player. It really helps designers find the problems they didn’t notice before and sometimes maybe find that surprisingly people love the mechanic which the designer didn’t notice before.

It was a valuable experience for me as a designer, it was pretty fun to actually print all the stuff we need and made them to a real board game. (Although we spent a hundred dollar for this 🙁 ) We are now working on publishing the game to Game Crafter. (Relax! it won’t be a hundred dollar), and I will upload the link after we got it published. 😀

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  • Worked as a Game Designer in the Team
  • Designed the Map, Resources Consuming System, and the Decision Board
  • Playtest Record and Iteration