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Mr. Gulp is the first game of me. My roommates and I made this game on our sophomore year. (Student Work)


My roommates and I made this game together in our junior year, it’s our first game using a game engine(Unity 3D). (Student Work)

Notorious Duo

This is the game I worked on during my first internship in a game studio. (Professional Project)


This is an AR game made in my senior year by myself. (Student Work)

AR Jenga

Dead Robots Society is my first board game made in my first year of graduate study. (Student Work)

Dead Robots Society

This is an experimental game without many mechanics and dynamics in it, it just about storytelling. (Student Work)

Experimental Digital Game

This is our game engine project implemented by C++ and SDL library(Student Work)

Breakout Game

On the way home is a game that made in 2019 Global Game Jam. It’s an experimental and puzzle solving game which contains simple 5 level(Student Work)

On the Way Home