Dragon Fly

By Yuxuan Liu, Yuanchu Si

Circuit Playground Express

Concept: The board we used has many cool functions including motion sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor, and even sound sensor. We have tried almost all kinds of sensor and finally decided to implement the motion sensor. The benefit of the motion sensor is that can give us more synched feedback with reality and without much delay. We use data from the motion sensor and make the circuit board into a flight controller. Users should expect the flight vehicle they control maneuvers as the controller tilts. They should wear the controller as a watch and move their arms to maneuver. The game is basically a fly simulator, we presented it as a dragon controller but it also has a potential implementation in real-world like a drone controller.

Motivation: The motivation of this project is that we feel that traditional controllers don’t provide immersive enough experience in flight simulation. Typically players use joysticks to control the posture of the vehicle, which requires a long learning curve. To increase the immersion, we want our user’s input to match the real movement as much as possible. Also, we feel that directly control the rotation with the real hand rotation could be more accurate and easier to learn.

Application and future work: Drone control, any other flight simulators, racing games. Optimization based on implementation.

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