A simple Kinect game made with Unity

Yuxuan Liu, Yuanchu Si We built a simple game that players interact with in-game objects through Kinect body recognition. Some random food objects fall from the top of the screen. The player gains score by moving their body… Read More

Dota 2 Solo Mid Heart Rate Analysis

Yuxuan Liu, Yuanchu Si Dota 2 is usually considered one of the most competitive digital games ever because it requires complex real-time decision making and super quick reactions. In this analysis, we try to investigate how the heart… Read More

Brain State of Watching different Videos Using OpenBCI

Yuanchu Si, Yuxuan Liu, Yunbo Yang In this study, we want to analyze how different types of content stimulate different brain activities. We collected data by OpenBCI with six channels on the front head and observed the variation… Read More

Facial recognition of human and cat faces + interactions

Yuanchu Si, Yuxuan Liu We used Processing and OpenCV to recognize both human and cat face in a single program, added with some simple interactions. Different text on different types of faces Changes the text beside cats by… Read More

Varjo VR Eye-tracking Data Record

Presented by: Yuxuan Liu, Yuanchu Si We imported Varjo SDK into a Unity Environment asset called Adam Exterior Environment. To enable movement, we create an invisible plane in the sky on which players can walk around and explore the… Read More